Monday, February 13, 2012

LSAT Weekend!

February the 11th marked the end of a very tense time (3 to 4 months) for both my husband and I.  This last month before the exam was definitely the most challenging for both of us.  My husband enrolled himself in an LSAT prep course.  And for a little over a month, my husband in addition to holding a full time job would attend an LSAT prep course from 6 to 10pm … on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.  Never did he complain and never did he ever show any type of physical or mental withering.  

In our situation, that little saying that goes “you just never stop meeting someone” has been incredibly applicable.  We’ve only known each other for less than a year and I feared that I had maybe rushed into our partnership.  You know?  It’s just natural to always faintly doubt at my age.  Nonetheless, the side of Nigel that I saw during the past couple of months has helped me meet a side of him that has only made me fall farther in love with him.  I sincerely think that I would have broken down somewhere between the second and third week of his busy schedule.  It was very impressive to see his commitment to his goal.

Everything definitely cumulated for me on February the 11th.  He left to take his test at around 8 in the morning and came back at around 1:30pm.  These were the longest hours of my life!  Meanwhile, at home, I was trying to finish as much school work as possible.  I wanted to clear the rest of the day for pure LSAT celebration.  I got the most pressing work done but I got very little else done.  I was nervous.  First of all, this test is only supposed to take about 4 hours.  I began to worry about him.  What about if someone did something to him on his way to the test?  Should I call someone?  What about if someone did something to him on his way back from the test?  Should I go look for him?  I was creating a million scenarios in my head that lead me to believe that I had to go look for him.  Maybe it was just me panicking? Maybe… I was set on launching my one woman hunt party if he wasn’t back by 2:00pm.  But alas!  He made it home before 2:00pm.  After I bombarded him with all of my questions we began calling our family members to tell them about the test.  Then we watched TV, listened to music and just had good quality time.  Then!  We took off for SushiJ.  It was a great way to end February the 11th

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